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Bridge To Sky : Cloud Ararat Foundation

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We engage Curious Youth with Global Enterprise to Shape Our Future

Bridge to Sky encourages Curious Youth to shape our future by engaging HIGH SCHOOL Students to the REAL BUSINESS World. We believe that curiosity and passion trigger productivity, leading to advancement and innovation.

We only accept screened and approved Academic Institutions and STEM Students

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Walton High School
Gymnasium Oberhaching

What is BRIDGE to SKY initiative?

Bridge to Sky is a non-profit ‘Collaborative INNOVATION INITIATIVE’ between Cloud Ararat & curious high school students to innovate together. High school students focused on STEM continuously work at Cloud Ararat's offices in United States, Germany and Turkey during their studies as long term internship.

Vision : Our ultimate goal is to be the Leading Social Initiative to thrive innovation by engaging curious youth with real business challenges.

Mission : We are the professionally managed innovation ecosystem between Cloud Ararat and high school students focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to develop technology solutions with youth's perspective.

How It Works - Getting Started

Bridge to Sky is the professionally managed innovation ecosystem between Cloud Ararat and Academic Institutions with STEM focus.

High school students and their parents apply should follow the steps below to cooperate together.

  • 01

    REGISTER : Request Access

    Students and their Parent/Guardian must register with required information. APPLY to BRIDGE TO SKY

  • 02

    PARENT SIGNATURE for Student Internship

    Students and Parents must sign Cloud Ararat's "Bridge To Sky Foundation Team Agreement".

  • 03

    ENGAGE : Identify Project Teams

    Students and Cloud Ararat teams start working on projects continuously.

  • 04

    CLIENT TESTS: with Cloud Ararat Clients in Germany and USA

    Define test case and test the actual project in a Real World environment. Measure findings, improvement areas and iterate to INNOVATE!

Students may Work on Following Technology Projects

These are not overused buzzwords on social media! Real projects Cloud Ararat teams are working on!

Students, their parents, high schools and Cloud Ararat teams collaborate using CONNECTED OPS. All projects including but not limited to Software Programs, Artificial Intelligence methodologies, robotic solutions, IoT solutions and UAV technologies that our students work on are available in the Connected Ops platform.

Cloud Software Engineering

Develop cloud-based software applications such as cloud applications, web client and mobile applications. Developed skills : cloud computing, software development, object-oriented programming, agile methodologies.

Earth Observation

Observe and analyze various data types(EO, IR, Multi-spectral, SAR...) using real imagery data collected from satellites and UAVs to support various industries. Developed skills : Geodesy, geography, aerial data analysis, aerial software development.

Robotics Development

Develop Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) with 4G/5G, SatCom, RF connectivity and remote/autonomous capabilities. Developed Skills : UGV hardware design & Development, UGV programming, connectivity and autonomous methodologies.

Unmanned Aerial Systems

Develop UAVs and payloads, both hardware and software. Developed skills : aerospace, flight dynamics, UAV software development, aerial data analysis...

AI and Machine Learning

Develop new or improve existing AI algorithms while applying them to real data sets. Developed skills : AI, software development, open-source software development, research and analysis.

Business Management

Focus on use cases, business analysis, documentation and client requirements. Developed skills : business development, product management and marketing.

CASE STUDY : Cloud Ararat Robotic Parcel Delivery Solution

Since 2018, Cloud Ararat has been working with 7 students, 3 academic mentors from Walton High School (USA), Gymnasium Oberhaching(GERMANY) Bahcesehir Science & Tech High School(TURKEY) to collaborate on a remotely piloted Unmanned Ground Vehicle integrated to Cloud Ararat's global connectivity software solution. UGV/Cargo robot is developed and tested in Cloud Ararat Germany office located inside Airbus Defence and Space Campus in Munich, Germany.

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BRIDGE to SKY Cloud Ararat Foundation

  • Software EngineeringDevelop cloud based software applications
  • Artificial IntelligenceAutomated decision making algorithms
  • Machine LearningTraining and transforming AI algorithms
  • Internet of ThingsDevelop connected devices
  • Unmanned Aerial SystemsDevelopment of UAVs and payloads
  • Earth ObservationAerial imagery analysis using UAV and Satellite data
  • ElectronicsDevelop connectivity solutions
  • RoboticsDevelop unmanned ground vehicles and UGV software

Don't know where to START?

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